3 March 2013

Review- Morrocan Oil


Hair oils are becoming quite popular and with different brands coming out it could be hard to choose.
Oils are great for repairing damage hair and can give you a great glossy finish. When I first heard about this product I was quite skeptical as I just could not get my head around an oil that wouldn't get my hair greasy.

Morrocan Oil is a brand that is quite well know in the blogging world, now when I first heard about this product I never thought that this oil would play a major part in my hair routine.

 I actually purchased this 2 years ago so I've been used for a loooong time. Morrocan oil is basically Argan oil which is used by a lot of Moroccans for scars,stretch marks, damaged hair and medicinal uses. At first i brought the 25ml bottle just to test it out this retails at £14.00, I only use a ten pence amount on my hair I would advice you don't use anymore than that unless your hairs really long and you feel you need more. I use this when my hair is half dry half wet or if I'm in a super hurry before I blow dry and it definitely cuts down the drying time especially because my hair is thick that's plus points for me.  It makes my hair so soft and glossy if I don't use it my hair feels dead and rough and thats really says enough really. I absolutely love the feeling on my hair when this is applied, since ive also ombred my hair I thought that my hair would be badly dry with the bleach usage but this oil seems to give it enough moisture without it looking greasy.

It does contain vitamins antioxidants fatty acids and omega 3, which are obviously great for your hair,though Argan oil is in a lot of products out there this is one of the purest forms and is in brown bottle so i doesn't oxidise. Consistency is quite thick, just like any other oil, I would definitely class this as a holy grail product which I can not live with out. I purchased this from ebay, though I know a lot if you are probably going to think how can you justify spending £30.00 on a 100 ml bottle, but it's is totally worth it this will definitely not disappoint, I also have had my bottle for nearly a year so it lasts you ages, well for me anyways. You can purchase it at feelunique.com 


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