4 April 2013

Mascara Review - Armani Eyes To Kill


sorry about no blog post for the past week and a half, I was on holiday with my family so i had no internet access hence no blog posts.

firstly i do not really buy high end mascaras, don't really see the point when some drugstore mascaras could do the same job.
I've been using this mascara for 4-5 months now i brought mine from Selfridges.
the packaging is a heavy metal which is nice and sturdy the brush is a medium size brush. I absolutely love this mascara it lengthens and thickens. My eye lashes without any clumps, my eyelashes are a decent size, but i always have problems with mascaras that never seem to hold a curl they just seem to fall throughout the day. Its great for the day time, I don't really wear this in the night as i want something with more volume. I mostly likely will be purchasing it again as its been my go to mascara for over 5 months now

Two coats

All in all i will give this a 8/10

Love Mehj xx

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