31 May 2013

Birthday Treats

So recently i turned 21!!! ahh i feel all grown up (not really) haha

I didn't really get to do anything as i had other things going on but i did get some treats from my family which i'm so grateful for Alhumdulila.

heres what i got from my younger siblings, which i thought was cute and so thought as they are younger i don't really expect much and tell them not to bother haha
Stargazer- professional pallet, moleskin notebook, Illamasqua-skin base, Thrust and Chased blushers, gleam highlighter in Aurora and there eyeliner in scribe. I LOVED everything and was so surprised as everything they got were products i was going to purchase anyways :D. I also got money from my parents which i spent on getting a new camera which should come soon. :) 

here are the swatches 

L-R-Thrust, Chased, Aurora highlighter and scribe eyeliner.

Love Mehj xxx

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