10 June 2013

Whats In My Handbag 2013


I love Whats in my bag posts, So I rummaged through my bag and thought hey I should one too? haha

As its summer now I've switched from my Zara city bag to my Mango bag as it's smaller and because there is no uni i don't carry as many things around.

Hand santizer- I have one in each of my bag as i always need this especially when going out on lunches and dinner dates.

Revlon Lip Butter- This is in the colour cupcake i love this colour its a cool tone pink and does not look to over the top nice and subtle for the summer.

Extra Chewing Gum- I have a habit of chewing gum after my meals especially when I'm out so i always have a packing floating around somewhere.

Chanel Healthy Glow Powder- I've been loving this lately its brilliant for a light healthy coverage and recently thats all I've had on my face.

Aviators- I have sensitive eyes so i have these in all my bags even in winters, because if the sunshines I'm blind!! they're from asos by the way.

Carmex- my trusty little tube of carmex love this as it keeps my lips hydrated

Gummy Head phones- Always have my headphone in when I'm walking anywhere.

Iphone- Obvious reasons why i have this i couldn't live without it!

Martha Stewart Notebook- This is from staples and I love jotting my little thoughts on to this.

SD Card Reader for iPad- This i have on me so i can do posts on the go if I'm travelling.

Fiorelli Purse- I dont carry my big purse as it's so heavy and weighs me down when i walk.

Glasses- Need these as I'm blind as a bat !

and thats all i have in my bag oo i also carry my ipad but it was on charge downstairs and i was being too lazy to go get it!!

Hope you all enjoyed

Mehj xx

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