31 July 2013

Colours Of The Rainbow Tag Collab


So the lovely zofia from Little Miss Prada asked if anyone would join in a collaboration post, because I've never really done one I thought I'd give it go we're going to be doing the Colours of the rainbow tag and each of us were given a colour at random to do.

Before I start to ramble here are the lovely girls taking part go give them a follow and check out there posts too :)

Jenna from www.Jennasuth.com
Alexandra from the-astyle.blogspot.ca

So I was given the colour green when I first saw this I thought uh oh I dont have a lot of green stuff but them rumbling through my little collection I found enough products heres what I found 

Ciate- I got this in my mini mani month I still haven't got round to using it but nevertheless I do love this colour it's nice and bright and it'll suit most skin tones.
Nyx loose eyeshadows- I have a lot of these as I brought like a bunch when they were on Ebay back in the days when they weren't available in the UK, it can be fiddly to use if you use pigments for the first time but regardless its a beautiful shade and quick heads up for people that don't like shimmery products this is quite shimmery.
Mua eyeliner- This is such a lovely shade of green so vibrant I love wearing this alone as I think it stands out more and its only a pound!!! can't get a better bargain.
Models Own - I was given this as gift for my birthday it came in a set of three lovely emerald green really stands outs.
Aloe Vera Gelly- Finally Aloe Vera Gelly now I know this isn't exactly green but the strip was so hey-ho Everyone that knows me knows I cant live with out this, mine is from forever living which you normally need a representative to purchase the women that does my eyebrows sells it but you could get a cheaper alternative form Holland&Barrett. This stuff is amazing its used for cuts,spots,irritation,burns rashes the list can go on and I use this for all the things mentioned as does my family. I think its safe to say its a family holy grail product haha.
So that concludes my post for the colours of the rainbow tag please check out the girls blogs for the rest of the colour posts and give them a follow too :).
Mehj xx


  1. i love the models own nail polish looks so pretty

  2. Love the post!
    The ciate nail polish is beautiful!

    Thanks for taking part,
    Zofia xo


    1. no problem thanks for organising it xx

  3. That eyeliner is gorgeous! And I'm loving the polishes you chose :] Great post! x

    Hollie ~ From Eden

  4. That Models Own nail polish looks amazing!! I've been looking for this exact color for a while now! So perfect!! Love the products you chose!!


  5. Great post!
    I've done this, I was green too :)

  6. I co-hosted a collab like this just last week! It was really fun! Green is my favorite color but I agree with what you mean by not having a lot of green makeup! I have that Models Own Emerald City and I absolutely LOVE it! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

  7. Just to let you know I've nominated you for a Liebster Award over on my blog! :] x

    Hollie ~ From Eden

  8. I have also nominated you for a Liebster Award haha! http://simplicity12.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/liebster-award.html I look forward to seeing your responses