20 July 2013

Review- Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask

Antipodes is a New Zealand company which sells organic and natural products, so naturally when I first heard about them I really wanted to try some things out but didn't know what. Browsing for some random beauty bits on feelunique I came across their Honey mask and because i know how good honey is for your skin i thought id give it a whirl. 

The main ingredients sound so yummy manuka honey, avocado oil and vinanza grape extract I mean doesnt that sounds good right? Manuka honey also has antibacterial properties and is great for blemish prone skin. Its recommend that you use this twice a week thats exactly what I do sometimes just once if I'm alternating between other masks. The scent is not to strong but smells lovely regardless it smells of vanilla with a hint of mandarin. Its great to calm any spots popping up on your skin (eww) I've notice the redness in my cheeks has calmed down.

How to use 

  •  I put the mask on all over my face leave it on for the recommended 15 mins 
  •  then rinse of with a flannel.

 I absolutely love this mask its slowly becoming one of my favourites, it makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated straight after use. If i have slight dry areas on my skin i just slap this on,  after this my dry area have gone and feel much more plumped with hydration.  As I person with dry combination skin this is perfect especially for the winters when my skin is a little on the drier side I would also recommend for people with blemish prone skin because of its anti bacterial properties. 

Would I be buying again? yes definitely worth it. I got mine from Feelunique it retails at £ 21.99 for 75 ml 

Mehj xx


  1. I love this mask. I leave it on overnight for an extra hydration boost!

    1. glad you love it too , never tried it over night might have to give it a whirl xx

  2. Sounds so lovely! I have never heard of this brand before, I will have to check them out!