13 July 2013

Review- Ben Nye Banana Powder

As most of you may already know Mario Dedivanovic is a great celebrity Makeup Artist who uses the Ben Nye banana powder on his client Kim Kardashian I'm not a fan of her personally but theres no doubt her makeup is flawless. Ben Nye not really readily available in the UK, but there are seller on ebay who sell. So over to ebay I went and purchased this for  about 11 pounds price varies from different sellers and I've had this for months so don't know if they have gone any higher.
Ben nye banana powder

As you can see blends it well because its finely milled 

The Ben Nye powder is a brand mainly used for theatrical makeup and has long lasting properties.

This is used for setting foundation or concealer the banana shade is yellow toned I was a bit scared to use it it first but it blends in to the skin brilliantly as it is finely milled. At first use i thought oh no it seems a bit lighting but once it sinks in to your skin it is not too light at all. Its parfum free for all the people that don't like scented makeup. I wore this in the morning at about 8 and when I came back home at 4 my skin was pretty much the same, this was only 8 hours but I do think I could last me longer if needed. A little goes a long way and I love the way it blends in to your skin with out much faffing about. One think I've always found with powders is they can make my skin look really ashy. but with this there is no such thing! It has a satin finish to not too matte or too dewy which is perfect. Its 1.5oz which is a lot its going to last me ages which is a bonus so definitely worth your money. 

How to use 

-pour a bit on to the cap 
-dab sponge in to cap 
-and stipple in to skin 
-you can use a powder brush if you want its up to you.

Overall for the money I think this is worth it as I know it will last me loooong so at £11.00 its quite a bargain. Its great for setting makeup and brightens your skin.

If you want to try this out heres the ebay seller 

Love Mehj 



  1. I've wanted to try the Banana powder for so long! looks so good, may have to stock up ;)

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  2. I was a little bit worried about the colour being too light for me too but I think it'll be alright after reading this - thanks so much!
    also it's a little bit late but Ramadan Mubarak :)


    1. Ramadan mubarak to you to sweetie it suits most skin tones just not medium- dark but light to medium is fine xx

  3. I really need to get me one! I got a sample that i havent actually used yet.. Still waiting for a special occassion lol

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    1. Its great let me know if you like it thanks for stopping by xx

  4. Interesting! I hadn't seen this product before... I'll have to see if I can find it to try it out :)


    1. let me know what you think if you manage to get it xx

  5. I really want to try this! Also just followed via bloglovin from the bbloggers chat :) x

  6. Wanted to try this for so long.

    Great review. :D

    Loving the blog.


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  8. I've been wondering what this is for ages! Loving the blog, followed on Bloglovin'