10 July 2013

Review- Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair


Ramadan kareem to everyone fasting! 

Its the first of Ramadan which is why I didn't have my normal routine of typing away at my blog in the night. Scehdule is slightly more compressed now as i need to get most things done in the day and sometimes I get far to tired to be on my laptop so apologies if there is any lack of post at some points, guess my body needs to get used to it. 
So far today I feel quite weak and just have a slight headache but not to bad 6 and half hours to go...


Ive been using this for about 3 months now, before this I didn't really have a night time routine I just slapped on some moisturiser and go to bed, but since I heard about how good the ANR was supposed to be I really wanted to try it out. I head over to my boots counter and the lady was so nice she gave me a sample size to try first, which is 15ml and last you quite a while enough for you to make up your mind. 
when I Started using this I noticed my skin felt really soft, hydrated and supple it even reduced some spots. After I good trial run I went back to boots to purchase the full size, the 30ml is for £40 and the 50ml is for £58 which works out more value for money so I went for the 50ml.

It comes in a glass bottle with a pipette which is useful and you only use the amount squeezed so no wasting of product. I just drop 3-4 drop on my fingers then work it in to my skin, its a gel/liquid consistency, my skin absorbs this up quick so there no residue left behind. Feels light and nourishing, my skin is dry to normal but if you have drier skin then just use moisturiser on top. It is quite pricey but I think this bottle will last me 6-8 months so its worth it. When I'm slightly spotty during that time of month I just put this on and it reduced my spots dramatically and reduces redness. Most people I know that use this are quite mature and their skin looks amazing, which is always good to know. I don't know how this will work for oily skin as I don't have that so just try the sample before making up your mind. Overall I would definitely Recommend to people and repurchase this my self as its become a staple piece in my skincare routine the price is steep but for great looking skin I'll happily pay that. So if you want something that repairs and nourishes your skin through the night then try this out! 

Mehj xx


  1. I really love this product! The only downside is it's so expensive! But it's amazing!

    I hope you're feeling better now Mehj! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

    1. I know only if there was a good dupe, will be looking out for one for everyone
      Yeah thanks feeling much better body is getting used to it now xx

  2. I've been wanting to try this! It's bit pricey for me, I may to and get a sample :)

    F xx


    1. yeah the girl at my local counter was so nice try asking xx