29 August 2013

Blogging Tips When At Uni


This post is a bit different from my normal posts I know most people have got their results or are already at uni and find it difficult to balance blogging amongst other responsibilities, I know I did
So here are the few tips I recommend in no particular order

1) Schedule posts I know its a bit of an obvious one but when your in the blogging mojo and type a few posts out schedule them because it will help.

2) Put your studies first if need be, if your not feeling up to it and have exams or assignment just let blogging take the backseat everyone should understand your degree is priority !

3) Manage your time I'm totally bad at this one but its something that I've learnt to do over time. What I try doing is making a time table even if its just a rough idea of what I'm doing for the day and try to stick to it.

4) Write down your ideas before you forget, sounds idiotic but I always forget to do this and think yeah I can keep that in my brain that seem to forget the most easiest things *sigh* every time I was out with friends I had inspiration, ideas that a forgot to jot down then when I sat down to blog I was blank so have a pen and paper or even your phone with you at all times.

5) Manage your money this is a tip for all uni students but when that sexy loan found its way in my bank I went crazy so I was broke quite quickly, so when I wanted to get products/clothes/shoes sadly I couldn't because I had used all my money. Sometimes you need to buy a couple of things to keep yourself inspired thats what I tell my self anyways haha

6) Take photos in a batch and in daylight, winters starts and days are shorter my lectures were till late most times so when I came back I found it hard to film or take photos so if you have a day off in the week try to take as many photos as you can.

7) If its worth it then invest in a soft box you may have a lot of lectures so cant do anything in daytime so if you can get one so you can use that I often use mine for outfit post etc as my room lighting was atrocious.

8) Post sticks use them to write down things you need to do and don't forget to post yeah I did that every time I was swarmed with work I would have a post in drafts that I would forget to post as it would just slip my crazy mind.

9) Plan your post so you have some sort of structure and make sure it fits around your uni timetable.

10) Finally RELAX! don't feel like you need to post  you'll just hate it then and you don't need to post everyday, maybe keep it to 2-3 posts I week if blogging regularly is too much.

Hope this helps all the students out there and if you have any tips comment below :)

Mehj xx


  1. Such a good post. I'll be working full time soon and even that with trying to manage a blog is hard so i'll be taking a few tips! :)
    myloveforxx.blogspot.ie Xx

  2. Great tips, even for those of us not in school!

  3. I always keep my notes in my phone so I can write things down on the go.
    I also have a few 'stock' posts saved up so if I haven't been able to write any posts then they are there waiting to be published.
    I've also started using the blogger app for iPhone to write down snippets when I'm on the go, you'd be surprised at how much writing you can get done when you are on the bus! The other great thing abut the app is that it allows you to post pictures in so it is excellent if you a vlogging because you can upload everything straight from your phone.

    Slightly Skint Blog

    1. the stock posts seems like a good idea, never really tried the blogger app out will try it out now tho thanks :)

  4. Excellent post, I carry a bloggng notebook at uni too

    1. Thats a great idea the reason why i dont carry one is because i have too many law books dragging me down while i walk haha and thank you xx