27 August 2013

Favourite Face Mask

These are a few of my favourite Face masks which I use on a regularly basis

First one is Ren glycolatic raidance renewal  mask I don't need to say much about this as I've already done a review recently and raved about how much I love this and I use this every week to get rid of all those dead skin cells on my skin eww

Second one is the antipodes aura honey mask I mainly use this in the shower as it calms my skin and hydrates it so its a cool quick fix if I'm going out and in a hurry. 

Finally the Aveda intensive hydrating mask this is upgraded version of the hydraluron and I love this for locking moisture back in to my skin after using a clay mask. I sometimes use this over night and my skin feels so soft and hydrated its unbelievable. Mind the tape holding in together on top when I got the package I accidentally cut through the top half of the tube I know what an idiot *facepalm*.

These are my favourite go to masks whats yours ??



  1. A great blog found you via twtter
    I really want to try the ren & the antipodes mask as everyone raves about these but need to finish my other masks have so many skincare junkie

    1. I'm a total skincare care junkie too Thanks for stopping by xxx