2 August 2013

French Skincare Cult- Serozinc


So since the Caroline Hirons video went viral everybody has been crazy for the products she recommended, one thing that really stuck out was the La Roche Posay Serozinc as it has antibacterial properties and we all know you that harmful bacteria is what causes those pesky little thing we call spots! so naturally this caught my eye but there was a little problem it wasn't available in the UK. Days of googling and hoping for a site that sells it I came across a website which sold La roche posay products and lo and behold I found the serozinc I quickly got my bank card and placed an order as fast as I could however I got an email a day or so later saying they are OUT OF STOCK great you could imagine I was disappointed. So anyways I waited for about a month for it to come back in stock and quickly done an order the post & packaging was 6 pound on the first order and then went up 2 pound by the time I place the second one so it is really pricey. after I got mine I came across another website who Amelia from liana beauty linked on her twitter the p&p was only 2-3 pounds but the serozinc is £9.10 

Serozinc link here  Price- £5.20 P&P £8 

Serozinc link here  Price £9.10 P&P-£2-3 

I by chance got it from the first website but its entirely up to you what works out cheaper for you and depending on if you want to stock up on them.

Hope this helped all the people on hunt for the infamous Serozinc 

Mehj xx

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