6 August 2013

Recipe- Victoria Sponge

Hey hope your all well I got into some baking mood the other day so I decided to bake a victoria sponge and thought why not do a blog post on the recipe I use.

4 free range eggs 
225g flour 
225g sugar 
225g Butter 
1 table spoon warm water 
1 spoon baking soda 

and some icing sugar to sprinkle 

   Make sure you measure everything correctly and place them in bowls ready to start 

   Mix together the butter and sugar until nice and creamy 

   like this 

  then pour in the eggs with the mixture

    until it looks like this 

   Pour in the flour a handful at a time (make sure you sieve it or else it'll get lumpy)

    Then fold into mixture in a number 8 shape 

put in warm water and baking soda and mix until everything is combined together

   Pour evenly in to to tins and put into oven gas mark 4/5 depending on how quick your oven is 

   Put it in the oven for 20-25 min after you've taken it out of the oven let it cool for 30-40 mins

   Spread jam all over one side of the cake 

    after this take double cream and whip it until nice a thick 

   spread this over the other cake and then sandwich them together 

   then sprinkle some icing sugar in top and hopefully it should look something like this :) 

hope you guys enjoyed, it's a bit different from what I normally post let me know if you like it :) 

Mehj x

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