27 September 2013

Friday Weekly Favourites #1

Hey so I thought I'd start to do a friday weekly favourites just to let you guys what products I'm loving for that week which wont necessary be beauty products just a bit of everything.

For this week Ive been Loving

Nars Laguna Bronzer - I have had this for quite some time now, during the summer I didn't really

wear any bronzer so this made it to the back of my makeup collection but recently I have being loving this. It just gives dimension to my face, it has the right amount of shimmer I cant really remember why I stopped using it but this week its been a fave !

Real Technique Buffing Brush - Now since the RT expert face brush has came in to my life I kinda kicked the buffing brush to the curb oops, but I've been loving this to put on my bronzer I think its just the right size not to big so it looks muddy its just right.

Max Factor Miracle Soft Touch - As you can tell from my previous post Ive been loving this for a beautiful natural glow to the skin.

YSL Touche Elcat Foundation- I shall be doing a review on this soon so watch out for that, but so far this foundation really makes my skin look so naturally glowy and beautiful its amazing ! Its like second skin, don't know if I like it better then my Giorgio Armani luminous silk but we'll see.

Mehj xx

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