15 September 2013

Review- Maybeline The Rocket Volum' Express

Hope your all doing well?

A few weeks ago I went on a hunt for a new mascara I got quiet a few recommendations from you lovely ladies on twitter, and when I got to boots I decided to get the Maybeline the rocket volum' express and I've been using it ever since. Now to give you an idea I have not to short or not to long lashes there pretty much in between but I find it hard to get mascara that thicken and curl because mine are pretty much straight and nothing lasts me all day.

Maybeline State 'Up to 8 times bigger volume 

IT'S ROCKET SCIENCE! Our exclusive Jet Glide brush with Flexi-fine bristles loads on big bang volume so fast, there is no time for clumps! Our smooth formula keeps lashes looking sleek and even.

Basically this mascara is all about Volume and no clumps, It definitely doesn't clump on me, glides on 
without any problems thickens my lashes but not to the point where a look like I have spidery lashes. I always find that with most mascaras my lashes don't hold the curl for to long but with this is fine it lasts me at least 8 hrs.I brought the waterproof one and my god this does not budge when it came to the end of the night and I was taking off my makeup with my good ole bioderma it did not move ! I Had to double cleanse with my emma hardie balm.This is definitely something I will everyday and overall I'm pretty please with how it delivers 

Retails at £7.99 

Mehj xx


  1. Thanks for sharing the review. I need a new mascara since my current Rimmel one is almost finished. I might give this a try. :)

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  2. I mentioned this is in my latest post, great minds think alike! :p I really like it, it doesn't clump on my lashes and is easy to apply, although I'm not usually a fan of these type of mascara wands. I like something a little more bushy! You can't go wrong with Maybelline, I've used lots of their mascaras and really like them :) xx

    Imogen | the Bluebird & the Robin