21 October 2013

Review- Lancôme bi facil instant cleanser

I actually got this product as a gift along with few other products purchases by Lancôme so I wasn't looking for a specific eye makeup remover as such, but boy am I happy I got this!

Lancôme claims "this fresh as water eye makeup remover offers instant gentle cleansing. It's effective bi phase formula activates when shaken and easily removes all traces of eye makeup even water proof while leaving a non-oily residue"

The oily formula sits on top and the water part at the bottom so you need to shake it before use to activate the formula, I tip some on a cotton pad and leave it on my eyes for a few seconds then start swiping, honestly you don't need a lot of product as it will just break down your makeup really well. It takes about 2-3 swipes and my makeup is off, even waterproof mascara and it feels like it conditions your lashes.
I don't really agree with it Being non oily as Lancome claims because it does leave some residue behind its not bad so that it is really oily and makes my eyes irritated but if I touch it I can feel it, but it leaves the skin so soft that its not much of a problem. I double cleanse so the left over residue comes off anyways. It takes waterproof mascara off so effectively with out any harsh tugging at your eyes that this has become a staple piece in my night time routine. It doesn't leave your eyes misty which I found with some makeup removers in the past (boots makeup remover I'm looking at you )

It is pricey but I think this will last me a long time and I only really use this when I have waterproof mascara on as Bioderma works well with non water proof and isn't as pricey.

Price £21.00 for 125ml

Mehj xx

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