24 November 2013

Beauty Swap UK/Canada

So I tweeted a few months ago that I would love to do beauty swap and Alex from the a style  got back  to me. So we emailed each other and agreed to a budget then done like a wish list of what we would like to try out as some products are not available in the uk and vice versa. So here is what I received

Bath and body works- Hand sanitisers - Noel vanilla bean
                                                              - Vanilla cupcake
                                                              -Bourbon Peach
                                                              - Winter Candy apple
                                  - Candle in Pumpkin Pecan Waffle
Essence Mono eyeshadows - Party all night
                                            - Get Ready
Maybeline Colour Whispers- one size fits all
                                             - Cherry on top
Physicians Formula - nude strips eyeshadow pallet
                                - Glow and Mood boosting powder
Tarte amazonian Clay Blush - doll face
Maybeline Colour elixir
Revlon colour burst matte balm - showy flamboyante

The last 2 were a surprise and I was so excited to receive them as they are not available in the UK yet so hopefully soon they shall be as I'll definitely be purchasing a few more.
They were 3 kit kats but I ate one as I was hungry (oops). I am so happy with everything that I got so a big thanks to alex for getting me all these amazing products which I cant wait to try out. The mini candle is so cute and smells just like waffles, I still need to try everything as I just came home this weekend so its only been a couple of days hence I have not had a chance. Go Check her blog and give her a follow she is so sweet and was kind enough to get me all these products. Ive linked her blog above if you click on the lilac words.
I would definitely love to do another beauty swap in the future as they're just so fun and I love shopping for other people especially when makeup is involved, so until next time ciao.

UPDATE: Hey this is an update alex sent me two more products as she felt what she sent wasn't enough which is totally silly as I loved everything she brought !!

The swatch for the lise waiter ombre soufflé supréme does not do it justice it is so beautiful, the texture is soft, fluffy and lightweight. It has fine reflective glitter which is amazing if you don't like chunky glitter on your eyelids. I will definitely be donning this on christmas day as its sparkly and perfect for the holidays.
The second product she sent is the revlon lacquer balm in vivacious exuberanté which is a cute pinky colour that is right up my street. It has a cool minty scent and feels great when applied. A BIG THANK-YOU to alex for these she really didn't have to but she was just so kind and generous.


  1. She sent you some lovely things! The colour whispers look so pretty and the Tarte blusher is a gorgeous colour! Brilliant swap! :)

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  2. OMG the Physicians Formula - nude strips eyeshadow pallet and Glow and Mood boosting powder looks soo gorgoeus lucky you and the Tarte amazonian Clay Blush look super pretty enjoy those goodies Mehj :D

  3. WOW you got some great things!!
    New follower
    Gold Dust

    1. Thanks for following kate already follow your lovely blog :) xx