20 November 2013

My Holy Grail Foundation

So after many years of trying out different foundation I think it's time I admit and declare my love for the one and only Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation yep it was love at first application. I've been using this for over a year now maybe even two and no foundation even comes close I still find my self going back to this like a girl who can never let go of her first crush.
The finish oh my it's perfection it's not dewy or matte just perfect or satin lol it gives me great coverage, I only use quarter or maybe half a pump a little goes a long way with this. It has a soft focus quality which makes my flawed face look so flawless. The coverage is varied when I apply it with my fingers it's light but can't build it up with my expert face brush which is great for whatever you prefer. It has no SPF so white cast when taking photos on nights out it looks amazing in photos it makes my skin look so luminous ha (get it) 
Even the pump is perfect it just magically pumps the right amount out every time ....ok maybe I'm pushing it but you get my gist I'm in love ok.
So this is the only product that I can say has stolen my heart and this makes me so happy!
Just a heads up it is a silicone based foundation for those that have a sensitivity towards silicone beware But regardless it's perfect for me and if there is one product I would recommend to everyone it's this baby. Link 

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  1. I've tried this one, actually I've used up two bottles of it but I don't love it that much.. it's really yellow toned so I can wear it only in summer. I'm glad you like it though:)