6 December 2013

My Boots/Drugstore Face combo

So recently I've been using the bourjois happy light foundation with the infamous Rimmel stay matte powder I've heard so much about these two products I had to give them a whirl.

Let start with the base the bourjois happy light foundation this doesn't give a dewy finish for all those that like a glowy look may not want to try I would say its satin finish as it's not either it sits in the middle somewhere. It blends easy and is a light to medium coverage so brilliant for everyday use especially for those like me who don't like to much coverage for everyday. I only need half a pump as I feel I have enough coverage. What I love about this is it doesn't look like I'm wearing much or if any foundation, does not leave a heavy feeling even after a full  day of wear.So far I'm loving this foundation and think it's even better then the healthy mix as that can make me look oily by the end of a long day.

That's my take on the foundation moving on to the powder after consulting with you lovelies on twitter I decided to give this a go.I've been using to set everything the Rimmel stay matte powder. I brought this the same time as the foundation above, so far I'm really liking this powder, it last for about 6-7 hours on me it mattifys any dewy oily bits and seems to keep my makeup in place. I use the transparent one as I don't want any more coverage I do find it has a white tinge to it so if you are medium to dark skin tone I wouldn't advise you use this as it can come off a bit chalky.

Overall I'm really like the combination of these two products combined, they having been donning my face for just over a month now and I have no intention on changing it up now that something I don't say often.


  1. I wanted to try this foundation but they didn't have it in my shade. I went for the Borjois 123 and I love it. I love the Rimmel stay Matte powder to, and agree they are are great base products.
    Love Vicky

    1. Yep they are never tried the bourjois 123 may have to check it out xx