23 December 2013

Recipe- Mint Hot Chocolate

So this is a recipe I've been trying to perfect over the past few days and thought I'd share it with everyone since its nearly Christmas and its great for a cold winter night home.

coco ( I use cadburys Drinking chocolate)
Whipped Cream
chocolate chip (optional)
Mint Sweets (I used humbugs )
Place the mints in to a freezer bag and start bashing it with a pestle you can use a rolling pin if you want I just thought this worked better, it does not need to be powdered as long as its pretty small its fine.
Then use one cup milk and place in saucepan
I use a spoonful of cocoa in the sauce and throw in the mints too.
wait until it comes to boil and the mints have melted in and then pour in to a mug
and this is pretty self explanatory put some whipped cream on top I added a few chocolate chips as they just look and taste so yummy.

you can add a teaspoon of honey if you want it more sweet my brother has a sweet tooth and he said the mint was quiet strong and need something sweet so I added honey and it tasted fine I dont think you do so its entirely up to you.

Thought this would be great for christmas so hope you guys enjoy !!

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