15 January 2014

One year of blogging

Hey hope your all well, first of all happy new year its not to late is it ?
After I went home for christmas I took a few days off to rest from assignments and blogging because I was just so mentally exhausted. Then on new years eve I got a viral infection, so I haven't been well anti biotics seems to drain me out for some reason, and had to get back into writing up assignments because of due dates so its been pretty hectic. So far Ive done all my assignments and have just one more for next week and ill be done for the time being. So thats where I have been regardless here I am! 
So a lot of people don't know this but I actually started my blog when I was 18 but moving away from home for uni and never finding time, it took the back seat. Last year this time I wrote more posts wasn't much but I was determined to write up my blog and had it up and running this summer so I haven't been serious blogging if you can call it that, for to long. 
 I just want to thank everyone who follows my blog/youtube and comments it means a lot I never thought I would have anyone follow my blog let alone over 200 I know thats not a lot for some but for me its great and I really really appreciate it.
So heres to another blogging year!!

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