16 January 2014

Review- Revlon Matte and Lacquer Balm

I got this sent to me from Alex at The A style when we did a beauty swap back a couple of months ago. These are not out in the UK yet but I thought I would give you my opinion after using them for a few weeks. They are the Revlon chubby stick balm. When applied it has fresh minty smell. The matte balm is really pigmented, whereas the lacquer balm is like a tinted lip balm with a hint of gloss.
Personally I prefer the matte balm as its pigmented and long lasting on me and its great for a quick go to lips rather then me deciding on what lipstick to apply which can take a while. The lacquer seems to wear off after a couple hours, so I use it when I'm out for only a couple of hours. Ive seen the shades floating around the blogosphere and cant wait till they are released, I really want to try the purple shade it looks so good and the red one.  They release on 22nd Jan in the UK


  1. I'm really excited to try the matte balms, there's some great shades!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  2. These are so pretty. I can't wait till they sell the matte ones in the UK x

    1. yay there in boots now the colours are amazing xx

  3. I love revlon lip products, and one of the kissable balm stains is actually an every day staple! So I can't wait to give these a go and see how they compare. Lovely post hun :)

    DMsChoice.blogspot.com x