20 January 2014

Review-Super Facialist by Una Brenan Rose Hydrate Oil

This is from the rose hydrate range by Una Brenan, its part of the double cleanse routine, which I think is fantastic because if you lazy as me it encourages you to double cleanse. It has a strong rose scent as the line suggests, which isn't to bad as your going to wash it off anyway.
I use a full pump and massage it in to my skin. I can't explain this better other than it just melts my makeup and loosen up all the gunk on my skin. My dry patches have reduced not significantly but I don't get really bad dry patches as before. It definitely makes my skin so soft like its amazing, it also seems to work very well with my Emma Hardie cleansing balm. It does not irritate my skin I have sensitive skin so Im very of products that go on my skin. This has become an essential part of my evening routine, as it really combats dry skin, evens out my skin tone making it brighter and helps take off my makeup without me scrubbing my face harshly. Its actually really nice to massage in, in fact when I'm so tired I just massage it in to my skin for a good min or so and its so relaxing !!

Overall although I do love this the price can be off putting it £14.99 that is a lot for a pre cleanse oil personally  I rather just double cleanse with my cleansing balm then spend more money. it is not doubt a great product and does what it claims to pre cleanse maybe if its on offer on boots which it was when I got it it was 3 for 2, but its not something I'll go out of my way and repurchase. Link 

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