22 January 2014

Rimmel Glam Eyes HD 5- Brixton Brown

This launched early october last year and I've seen it floating around the blogsphere and first noticed it on Sineads blog. As you can tell I love neutral eyeshadows one can never have enough right? well thats what I tell myself. This is the perfect 5 pan eyeshadow ever it has 4 beautiful neutral and one lovely cranberry shadow, which is great if you want a bit of colour on your lids. It is perfectly autumnal and I think will suit every eye colour though I think it will look amazing for those green eye beauties out there. It is creamy and slides on like a dream without too much effort which is perfect when your running late for lectures.It's great for travelling and all in all its a fantastic product which does not break the bank woo hoo great for those fellow students out there. This year I've promised myself I'll use more eyeshadows as I have so many and hardly use them, so this will definitely be donning my eye lids for a quick swipe of colour on lazy mornings.

Price £6.99 Link

Do you have any drugstore/boots eyeshadows that are great quality let me know if you do ?

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  1. Ive been looking for this in my local Boots for a while, I think I wither miss it completely or they just dont stock it. But will look online, I love the cranberry shade in the middle, its a beaut!