11 February 2014

Review- Origins Super Spot Remover

The origins super spot remover is one of those products that once again is a beauty blogger favourite. Although my skin is not spot prone to much, I still get odd spots here and there especially at that time of the month. The reason why I brought this product was because I always get an odd spot and I never really use anything to treat it.

I apply a small dab of product on my skin where I have to spot, and in the morning my spot is practically small or either gone. Now when I first used this it really stung, so was bit afraid with the results but it really helps speed up the process of spot healing, the gel acts like a barrier to the skin which protects it from getting worse. The main ingredient is salicylic acid which helps fight spots when they appear, it can even fade acne scarring (not to sure about this) and calm down any redness. It comes in a cute little bluebottle with 10 ml of product so as you can tell it's pretty small. It retails at £14 which is quite expensive for something like this, but this really works, I mean every time I get a spot I just put this on and by the morning the spot has gone all gone significantly small to the point where it can't be seen much over make-up. Origins advises that you use this one to three times a day but honestly I just use this in the night before I go to bed and in the morning my spots gone obviously if I had a massive spot I probably would keep on putting on three times a day but it hasn't come to that yet.

Overall I really love this product you do only get 10 mil but I should imagine this will last me quite long as I only use a minimum amount on my spot. So all in all it's worth the price and will have a beauty cult favourite status with me. Link

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