18 February 2014

Review –Phyto 7 Hydrating Cream

I brought this recently because my hair was so dry and literally felt like straw who wants straw as hair not me!. I was randomly searching on the feel unique website, for some new haircare products as my hair was in dire need of some hydration love and care. I came across the phyto seven hydrating day cream with seven plants, I have never really used any Phyto products before but I've seen them floating around the blogosphere so I thought I'd check it out. It contains seven plant extracts calendula, Sage, Burdock, Willow, soy bean, Rosemary and Althea together they have hydrating and replenishing properties.  Phyto  recommends that you apply to towel dried hair or dry hair.  Using a pea size amount of product in the palm of your hands and distribute through your hair especially on the ends and style as usual.
Onto what I think I never really expected anything for this product to be honest so my expectations naturally were not that high, but I'm pretty glad I found this. As recommended I use of pea size  amount on my hair's when it's like 50% dry 50% wet and I feel like my hair just magically soaks this all up, I have no nasty residue on my hair when it's dry nothing that makes my hair feel heavy or sticky. It really just gives my hair a pump of hydration so when my hair is dry it doesn't feel as straw like as before I started using it. It says you can use this every single day depending on how dry your hair is,  I actually only use this after a shower as I just think it is enough for my hair, but I guess it depends really on how dry is your hair whether thats from bleaching or anything like that it would be great to use every day as it does not feel like you have any product in your hair and doesn't weigh it down. It also makes my hair less frizzy and more manageable so for all you girls out there with crazy frizzy hair this can really calm it down. It's 50ml and retails at £13.50 I would definitely recommend this for people with dry hair like me. I don't think it's too expensive because it will last me quite a long time as I only use after the shower so it's worth the money if your hair needs some hydration and love.

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