8 February 2014

Review-Una Brenan Tea Flower Pore Clay Mask

I've had this for over a a few months now so I thought I'd give you my thoughts. As you can tell by the name it's a clay mask which purifys and cleans your skin.

Una Brennan is a facialists and skincare specialist in the UK. With more than 15 years experience and is well known in the beauty world.
It's a five miniute clay mask which is great for a quick fix especially when your in a hurry. Every time I'm getting ready to go out and my skin looks a bit dull I slather a layer of this on my face, and leave it in for five minutes as recommended and my skin just looks better especially when its that time of the month and my skin is a bit on the oily side. It dries out any sebum and balances out my skin. It contains avocado oil rich in vitamins A, D and E with Acacia honey. It's not a miracle product that makes your skin look wow after, but it does the job of a clay mask in just five minutes which is a plus for me as I'm always in a hurry. The consistency is not a thick as a clay mask it's actually like a mouse as in its really light on the skin, it dries up like any other clay you can feel it tighten.

The two main ingredients are Salicylic Acid and Dead Sea Mud these help unclog pores and though I've never used Dead Sea mud I've always heard great things from people who have. If you have dry skin I recommend you use this on the places that is needed rather then on your entire face as it can dry it out more. After I use this I put a bit of hydraluron and moisturiser on and my skin seems clear and good to go for the coming week. The price is £8.99 it's not too cheap but not expensive either if you look out for the boots 3 for 2 which is when I got it. You will save your pennies.
I love face masks so this is a great one in my collection because its just so quick and for the price it's cheap and cheerful.


  1. I love this mask! I agree with you that it's not a miracle product, but I've been using it about three times a week, and I really think my skin is improving because of it. :)


    1. Glad you love this too, its a great quick fix xx