5 February 2014

The Many Uses Of Coconut Oil

I've been using coconut oil for nearly a year now and at first I bought it just for my hair but now I practically use it for so many things I've cut down on other products and its super cheap.

Hair Mask- Just to give you a back ground on my hair, I have suffered from dry scalp for as long as I can remember especially when Im stressed out. Recently I went to the nurse for my annual flu jab and asked about the rash behind my ears she informed me I have eczema and its just flaring up, as soon as I heard that a light bulb switched in my brain and I asked is that why my head is constantly itchy and I have scabs (tmi I know sorry) anywhoo when I finally got diagnosed things just started to click I always just thought I was allergic to practically every shampoo so it was so hard to find a decent one  that worked. Since then Ive been careful about what I use and so far so good. Ive been using this when I feel like my scalp flairs up and it really calms it down, no more itchiness .

Moisturiser - Im so lazy when it comes to moisturising my body when coming out the shower, it is something I'm trying to change and this is so easy to use as it just melts in and it doesn't feel like a film on skin. I also like the feeling of the solid oil turning to liquid weird I know !!

Eye Makeup Remover - As mentioned before Im lazy (I blame my student lifestyle) so when I don't want to move from my bed I just grab a cotton pad and put some coconut oil (which are both on my bedside cabinet) and start wiping away my water proof mascara and et voila its off.

Cuticles - while I'm moisturising I also give my cuticles a little love its anti bacterial properties can really help ragged or peeling skin, mine are not bad but I still like to moisturise them.

Waxing - Now your all going to be thinking what how does oil help with waxing, but I wax my arms and legs and at the end Im always left with sticky areas around my skin. Most wax companies give a little sachets of oil soaked cloths but if you don't use much wax like me (I cut the strips to whatever size I want) you get more uses out of it so the 2-3 sachets are not enough, but if you just moisturise the area with coconut oil the stickiness is gone !

Shaving - Now I don't shave as you have gathered but sometimes when I'm lazy and have to go somewhere,  I will take the razors out, but before I do I slather some coconut oil and the razor just glides on the skin, which leaves me with less razor bumps and redness on my skin.

So those are the few ways I use coconut oil Im aware that you can use it with food but personally never tried it so can't say.

You can get coconut oil from any whole foods or supermarkets.

Hope this helps people, if anyone suffers from eczema please let me know what products you use to keep it at bay, mine around my ears is quite bad so recommendations will really help :)

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  1. I love COCONUT OIL! Its a Godsent, I used it for all the reasons above other than shaving and waxing didnt know that, will give it a go when I next have a wax. Other than that I always stock up on the big bottle and it lasts a while.
    I totally get what you mean by the whole solid melts into a liquid as soon as you touch it. It fascinated me too.