17 March 2014

How I Prep My Nails

Since spring is dawning upon us and pretty pastel are all over the blogosphere I thought I would share with you how I prep my nails for a manicure.
I start with removing off the nail polish with the bourjois nail polish remover, this little bottle makes it so much easier to remover any polish as I don't need to look around for cotton pads hence less time consuming also if you have no nail polish on I would still use a nail polish remover before you start as any oil or residue could shorten the length of your manicure. I file my nails down to whatever size I want, I always go for a more square/oval look Im not into the claw look :/. I then follow on with the Sally Hansen gel cuticle remover wait for 5-10 mins and push my cuticles with a cuticle pusher and wash my hands for any residue left, this softens my cuticles making it easier to push them back and it means I don't need to soak my hand in anything. I then end by using the Burt's bee cuticle cream, this smells so fresh and lemony, as you can probably tell if you've come across my blog before I like citrus scents so this is perfect and the smells lingers. This may sound weird but I palso use this when I'm feeling a bit sick as the lemon scent calms me down. Now I don't usually start painting my nails straight away as when you cuticle are soft the expand and if you put on any nail polish straight after it contracts later hence causing chips and no lasting power. Thats how I will be prepping my nails this spring/summer is there anything in particular you do for a lasting manicure let me know below.


  1. I love the Burts Bees Cuticle Cream! The scent is just divine xx