31 March 2014

Is this the best lip balm ever?

I am so picky with a lip product it's unbelievable, most products don't work for me they leave my lips  dry in fact I seem to be using more of the product and it doesn't to do anything so I absolutely hate  most of them. Lo and behold the only lip balm that actually seems to work for my lips the Christian Dior Creme De Rose this baby moisturises my lips and hydrates like no other product ever, when I bought this it was just a splurge I just saw it float around and assumed it'd be good product  I didn't do much research I just went and purchased it. Boy am glad I did it's suppose to be super plumping I don't know about it making your lips look super full but I definitely do think it plumps my lips a bit. It does a great job of hydrating my lips I cannot live without this, I use this in the night before go to bed and in the morning I wake up and my lips don't seem dry or have any flakiness (bad image I know)  I also use this in the morning straight after Ive brushed my teeth, so by the time I  put on my lipstick, my lips are already moisturised and fully prepped.  I've also gone out to university just wearing this as it gives it a nice subtle pinky colour.  At £20 it is really steep for a lip balm in fact as you can tell from the picture,  I'm running really low and I just can't part with £20 especially on a lip balm when on a student budget which makes me wanna cry but I just can't live without this. Even though the price is so high I'd still repurchase because its just so good and I feel like my lips just can't live without it.

Do you have a lip balm that does exactly what you want it to and does the break the bank if you do then please let me know as I would appreciate your recommendations?

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