21 March 2014

Loving Right Now-Spring lip combo

So I've been really into lighter colour rather then the autumnal darks and while I was casually going through my lipsticks I found my NYX Dusky rose Lipstick which is a nice pink not too in your face but when I put it on I just wasn't feeling it on me for some reason I just thought It needed something else another element or something. While I was trying to decide whether I wanted to wear it or not before hurrying out to lectures my eyes caught on my Revlon Black cherry so I just grabbed it and pat it on top and ran out the door. As soon as I put this on top it just made it look better and a bit off mauve colour to it which I've really been loving lately.

Top- Nyx dusky rose 
Revlon- black cherry
Bottom- both of them together I don't know if you can tell much of a difference as it is subtle but I just thought It looked lovely.

Have you tried any Lip combos that just give you the right colour let me know ?

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