3 March 2014

Oribe dry texturising spray worth it or not?

The Oribe Dry texturising spray, is one of the worlds most raved product I have ever found in the blogosphere every blogger loves it as well celebrities and why not it does what it says on the can, however I don't think this product really is a holy grail product for me I know shock horror, now I like products that make my hair feel nice and fluffy and is not too heavy or way my head down, although it gives my hair a lift up when it's flat  it's got this gritty heavy feeling that I just don't like. I'm very picky with what goes into my hair because I really hate my hair feeling sticky or dirty I just hate it. It makes me want to jump in the shower and wash all off.  At £18 for a small bottle I was expecting a brilliant product that did every single thing I could dream of but sadly the one downfall of my hair getting unmanegable puts me off.
 If I'm going out and I want one second day her then it's great, but I don't like the idea of constantly washing my hair after it because one: I'm lazy number two: I have eczema and I can't be washing my hair to often as makes my scalp even more dry and irritated.  Sadly this product is not for me and I most likely will not be purchasing it again especially with that price tag and my student budget.  I've heard great things about the bumble and bumble dry thickening spray and the vo5 one so I'll definitely give them a try and see how they are other then that I don't think ill be repurchasing this again to be honest.

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