30 March 2014

The Review-By Terry Touché Veloutée

I've been using this for just over a month and a half now, when I brought this I was finding for something that concealed and brightened my under eyes so when I was browsing around and I came across the by terry touché veloutée. So far I love this, the packaging is really luxurious as all the by terry products are. It has a wider brush then the ysl touché éclat which I personally think works better, as it covers more surface.
The consistency reminds me of mac face and body very thin and easy to blend, which is great especially as I find the collection concealer can be quite thick. If you have pretty bad dark circles you will still need to colour correct with something else. It does not set in to any lines, cake or budge, it does claim to be full coverage but I disagree because it's a highlighting concealer not a heavy duty one hence lighter coverage but nonetheless does a good job. I'm in the shade cream which is the second lightest which seems to work really well with my skin tone (I'm a nw20 in mac) overall I quite like this product it is quite expensive but compared to the touché éclat it has more product, the touché éclat has 2.5 ml whereas the by terry has 6.5ml so you get much more.
As you can see in the picture I only have this on under my eyes no other product and it does a good job of covering and highlighting.

As I mentioned It is on the expensive side but I do believe it is worth because of the amount of product it has and I've never used more then one pump ever which I use under my eye and on the bridge of my nose and I still have loads left so use sparingly as a little goes a long way.


  1. This looks really nice, the applicator looks to be a lot more user friendly than touche eclat which I find can clog sometimes and can be awkward to put on. Plus, like you said one sweep covers a bigger area.

    S xo.


    1. yeah the brush is quite soft to though i use a brush or fingers to blend it in, let mw know if you give it a try x

  2. This looks incredible! I've wanted this for so long but the price tag really puts me off. However this has really persuaded me to pick it up!
    Rosie xxx
    Rosie alexandra

    1. I know it is quite expensive but its really good! let me know how you get along with it if you do manage to get it x