26 March 2014

The Review - Super Facialist Una Brenan - Vitamins C+ brighten skin renew cleansing oil

Since it's spring and am pretty much changing everything to do with my make-up and skincare and  all that shazam I thought I'd mention a product that just pleasingly to need to do with skin care and it's the Una Brenan brighten and skin renew  cleansing oil.

Now when I first brought this back in October  I used this only a few times and really disliked it because compared to my Emma Hardie cleansing balm it just made my skin so dry after I used it that I just stopped. So it just stayed there on my shelf along with other unused products  however recently I've been running super low on the Emma Hardie cleansing balm as my student budget is not extensive :/, I thought I'd give this another try.  I use the same method as the cleansing balm I just massaged this into my skin and then wipe off with a warm flannel. It contains vitamin c, olive oil, grapeseed, cucumber  oil and rose hip oil  obviously these are all fantastic ingredients for dry skin and even have healing properties for the skin such as the rose hip oil.
Though in the colder months when I attempted to use this I found it quite drying but now my skin is not as severely dry I just feel like it works better for my skin. It smells like orange juice which I love because I love citrusy scents as I've mentioned a million times before the oil melts into a milky substance when mixed with water. I massage this in to my skin all the way down to my neck and kinda do this for a min or 2 because its just so relaxing after a long day at uni.
The only downfall to this is it does not have a pump, so sometimes you end up spilling too much product out which obviously is a waste of product. It's suitable for all skin types and its 200 ml of product and retails at £10.99 which is considerably cheap compared to that of the Emma Hardie cleansing balm, at the moment it is on offer for £7.33 so snap it up, now is the chance as a lot of the super facialist and skincare at boots are on for sale.

Overall I quite like this product its not too expensive and it's not really cheap either which is great for students on a budget like me, I do think a little goes a long way with it to so I expect this to last me quite a long time.

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