7 April 2014

A five minute simple base

Since the suns been rising up earlier I seem to be taking less time to get ready and I think a lot of it is dependant on the fact that I wear a very modest amount of makeup now. It's that time of year when I don't really care about how I look because I've had practically no sleep due to assignment and exams. So all I want to do it slather my face with whatever and run out the door.
Since I'm in constant hurry I've been opting for a simple base and something that been ticking all my boxes is the bourjois cc cream. This covers up any redness or general pigmentation on my skin though it doesn't cover my pesky dark circle I blame my lack of water intake, however the cc concealer is brilliant it hides my dark circles and brighten the under eye area with out setting into any lines and making it cakey. The consistency quite runny and easy to blend which takes up less time, I use my ring finger as I just find it easy and it blends in better giving you a more natural look. I would definitely recommend this for the more warmer months as it's just so light and gives enough coverage especially if your out for only a few hours.
please excuse my double chin a diet plan is in process as we speak *facepalm* but you can see a few red marks on my face with only moisturiser nothing else.
et voila the bourjois cc cream and concealer in action.

So if you want a simple five minutes base give the bourjois cc cream a go you won't be disappointed Link

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