17 April 2014

Mini Highend Haul- Dior Chanel and Mac

Hope your all well ?
I've been a tad busy as I have been juggling uni and preparations for my cousins wedding which is this Saturday and today is the henna ceremony so as you can gather Ive haven't had much time to myself, on the other hand one can never be too busy for a haul right?
I popped into my local House of Fraser as I needed wanted a new lipstick and so did mama like mother like daughter ay. I found myself by the chanel counter first, my local chanel women is so polite I love talking to her anyways as I was swatching my way through the lipsticks I finally decided to go for La raffinée which mama and sister approved of too. Then my mother wanted to head to Dior  counter for a new lipstick too and I'd thought I'd get my lip balm as Im running low but the women at dior told me they don't do that any more which I was so disappointed about :/ it really is the best lip balm ever but she said they do the dior lip glow so I thought I'd give it a go anyway *sigh*. Mama on the other hand finally decided to get the colour 014 dolce vita (Ive swatched it on my hand as its my mums not mine. So finally I ended up in mac, the lipstick Im going for on the wedding day is purply so I thought I'd get a lip liner that matches as it last longs and I would need something to last me all day!. Surprise Surprise the mac lady was so rude to me when I asked could I get this Colour lip liner she just looked blankly at my face and miserably said err and then blanked me tut tut. I was ready to blow but kept my calm I just really hate rude people but luckily the same polite girl every single time I ago there came to my rescue excuse my rant its just every time I go to my local mac I encounter rude people something I can't stand *rant over*
I won't be posting now until I'm back at uni or maybe after exams depending on how much work I have done, so excuse my absence for awhile hopefully I will be back on this very soon !

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