11 April 2014

skin chemist bee venom oil

Just to make it clear this is our product that I would normally buy one because of the price tag and two I just don't think is essential, but Sophia from Sophiameola Posted a review about this not long ago  with a discount code which I just couldn't resist.
I have seen this product a few times in magazines as it's got quite a big celebrity fan base which include Victoria Beckham,  Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow, who wouldn't want to try out right?. It  is mainly to reduce wrinkles and you can never start to young can you  well that's at least what I've been told.
The main ingredient is the bee venom oil which is an active ingredient, it claims to increase the blood circulation, firm and plump the skin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The ingredients also include manuka honey which is known for its antibacterial properties, It also has alpine rose stem cells to help prevent the loss of collagen, over time the loss of collagen = wrinkles. so you get where I'm getting at with this it's just suppose to be a miracle product for your skin. Now I don't  know the science behind this but here's a detailed video if you want to check out how it works.

I've been using this over a month now I always try to trial skincare products at least a month just to  see if I have any major effect or not.  It's just like any other oil you just pump a few drops  into your hand and massage into your face, however with this I do think one drop goes a long way Sophia  actually mentioned this on her blog and I was amazed by it but I know exactly what she means you just need a tiny drop and it just absorbs into your skin so quickly there is no oily residue at all on the skin. when I get up the next morning my skin is  not shiny or anything like that, in fact I think I can  actually get away with not wash my face which I obviously wouldn't do but my skin just looks better and it doesn't seem tired or dry or anything like that, it's really hard to explain. I don't use this every single day I use it maybe three times a week or even two because it's just so expensive I don't  want to use too much of it. At £98 for 15 mL it is expensive and definitely not in my budget range but sophia had a discount code reducing the price down to £29.99 which I just couldn't resist.

This is one of those products which you don't need but you just want, especially with the way my skin looks the next day I don't actually have anything bad to say about this besides the price. Now it is more marketed to celebrities and people with bigger budgets so if you are one of them go and give this a go. Just a quick mention like I said you only need a drop of this and it goes a long way and have been using this for over a month, as you can see from the picture not a lot has gone down at all so it will be last to me quite a long time.

So if you have money to splurge on and are not allergic to bee venom then give this a try. link

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