4 April 2014

The Slip Ons-Iridecent Plimsols

Ive been looking for holographic type slip ons for quiet some time now so when Julie from raining cake blog put up a post showing theses babies I just had to have them, the holographic ones that I originally wanted were £110 so obviously these were much cheaper at £25 and with student discount I got them for £22.50.

I had the flash on my camera (Im getting ready for lectures as I type so in a hurry) which is why it looks so blue but I'm aware they're not everyones cup of tea but I quite like them. Heres the link however they are out of stock at the moment but keep your eyes peeled for when they're back and check out Julie's blog if you click on her name it shall redirect you there.


  1. I have these too! I love them and the price is fantastic too! :) xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet