2 June 2014

Birthday Haul

On the 28th may was my birthday, I planned to go out for a meal with my sisters, mom and a few family members, but sadly I got really sick and couldn't even get out of bed, I still have a slight sore throat but I'm much better Alhumdulila. I didn't really ask for anything for my birthday because I really do have everything I want (without sounding to arrogant I really am grateful for all my life luxuries) and there was not anything in particular I wanted. So instead I got some money and we all know what that means *hint hint* SHOPPING. While I was sick I went browsing around websites to find some new products I wanted to add to my stash.

First up Nars creamy concealer I have been eyeing this up for a while now so I thought I'd take the plunge, Jouer tinted matte moisturiser I got a sample of this is in my last cult beauty order and I quite liked it though the colour wasn't an obvious match the consistency was really light and since is summer now (as I'm writing this, its drizzling outside get your act together weather I want some sun) I think this will be my new favourite lightweight base. Clarins colours of Brazil bronzer this is what my brother got me, he asked me what I would like and I settled for the clarins bronzer ( I admit it was the pretty design that sucked me in). RMS raw coconut cream this is raw coconut cream which is extracted in a special way, giving it all these amazing properties, will give a low down on my blog in the future. Clarins instant natural lip perfect Ive seen a lot of bloggers love this so thought I'd give it a whirl too I got the colours 01 rose shimmer and 03 nude. Finally the Chanel les beige healthy glow multi colour powder in 02 I've really been into bronzy and sun kissed skin lately as you can tell and this was another product on my list so it was a no brainier.
My cousin brought me a beautiful candle holder with some tea lights by yankee candle in my favourite scent pink dragon fruit and a lovely statement necklace she knows me so well!!

and last but not least my scrumptious birthday cake which was so yummy I'm drooling looking at it right now.
Thats it for my birthday haul, I am by no means bragging with what I got so please don't assume Im not, I know how much people like hauls I know I do so I thought I'd post what I purchased.

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