17 October 2014

Weekly Favourites #4

Im back, recently I haven’t been posting regularly as I used to since ive graduated I just don’t have a routine and im just trying to figure out what I want to do next in my life and because of that ive just been avoiding blogging and doing any thing productive I tend to do that when thoughts just plague my mind, but a few days ago I joined pinterest to try and get inspired and back in the swing and it really seems to be working I really want to actually blog which I haven’t felt in a while so heres are my weekly favourites

First up the Kevin Aucoin sculpting powder, if you are like me and have a round face contouring is heaven sent gift god bless the woman or man that created it. It can be hard to master as it takes a lot of practise but you'll get there eventually trust me. I used to contour with mac's harmony blush after I got the hang of it I thought I would go for a cult product. Its cool tone mix of brown and grey which gives you a perfect shading colour, it's really subtle so not a crazy in your face type of contour. You can obviously get a cool brown/grey tone eyeshadow and used that which would be far more cheaper, but for now this is working wonders for my round chubby face.

Mabrook lip pencil- I feel really bad putting this up but I just had to show you, this is an arabic brand which I've tried to peruse on the web and have failed so if any one knows a website that sells them let me know. My dad actually brought this for me with help from my cousin of course he doesn't have a clue about makeup when he was in kashmir so I know you can get from Pakistan/kashmir and parts of the arab world. It such a beautiful brown colour I never thought I would wear this type of colour its something my mum would wear but I have been loving it, its beginning to be my go to lip product.

Revlon matte lipstick in mauve it over- I've been using this over the lip pencil just to lighten it up a bit. Its a light red/brown colour definitely not mauve its kinda the same colour of my lips so for days I don't want a bright or dark lip its great as it looks natural. Ive also paired this with my clarion instant lip prefector in nude shimmer and its lovely.

Ardell Individual lashes- These are my favourite I love the way they look natural and not to overpowering but gives my lashes some volume. I'm really beginning to prefer these to strip lashes. I use them mainly on my outer corner as it gives a fluttery effect.

here are how the lashes look


  1. Those lashes look amazing! I have read so many good things about them. xx


    1. they are so good look so natural to x