26 January 2015

Beauty Steal - Essence Lip Liners

I've tried quite a few lip liners before and they can be quite drying sometimes uneven to apply. Since trying out these Im in love with them, at £1 each they are a bargain!! They are so smooth to apply, highly pigmented I don't have to swipe it a few times before I get some colour pay off. They make a great base for lipstick or lip glosses. I've never actually tried anything from essence before so these are the first products I've used and I'm pretty impressed my expectations were not high neither was the price tag but I am totally blown away by how good these are. However I do find that because they are so creamy they don't last long if you wear this alone but being priced at £1 its something I can totally overlook. Here are swatches Ive the colours I purchased

1 comment:

  1. These look great, my fave is cute pink and in the nude. xx