16 January 2015

Beauty Steal - Maybeline Colour drama Lip Pencil

I actually discovered these on my recent trip to boots, I swatched a few of the colours and was sold hence I picked up more then a couple. They remind me a little of the Nars lip pencils but obviously with a much affordable price tag. I like the fact there is a block of colour and the end of the pencil to recognise what colour it is, it just makes life easier. The difference between the Nars lip pencil and these is with the Maybeline lip pencil you do have to tug as it is a stiffer formula but that does not mean its a con it just means you got to warm up the product a bit. The formula is creamy but not just as creamy as the Nars, I would advise to use lip balm either over or under as its not exactly hydrating. Its not as long lasting and does not leave a stain, but regardless at £4.99 it really is a steal and if your not a beauty blogger your hardly going to recognise any major differences. I would definitely say its a dupe as a haven't exactly used anything on the market thats similar then this, if you have let me know below. Ps they're on buy one get other half price in boots


  1. It's great to see all these shades on your lips! I need to go and swatch them - I like the look of the lighter ones x

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  2. I cant wait till these come to the states! The shades look great! x