13 January 2015

Best Face Masks of 2014

Una Brenan Tea Flower Puriying Clay Mask - This is my go to face mask, I use this at least once a week just before a shower. It really does draw out impurities on the skins surface and gives the skin a good clean. It drys in five minutes which is great if you are in a hurry, I have relatively sensitive skin the first time I used this it did burn slightly but as I used it my skin became gradually used to it. I love it because it does not have a hefty price tag but still does the job of a good clay mask.

Origins Drink Up - This is for those dry skin days, I used to suffer pretty bad with flaky skin but after I switched my skin care and added this it really has helped calm that down. It doesn't mean that I don't suffer from dry skin but my skin does not flake as often. Its a over night mask so I use this just before bed and when Im up the next day my skin has a boost of hydration.

Ren Glycolatic Skin Renewal Mask - I use this once a week, it basically eats at your dead skin cells renewing the skins surface. It has a marmalade consistency I don't particularly like but because the results are pretty instant with this I will happily overlook that.

Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask - This is the master of cleansing masks, it's effects are not instant and I would definitely not recommend this before a big day, because of this intensity of drawing every imperfection on the skin surface after you use this you will have either a lot of spots or quite a few that will appear but don't panic after those spots are dealt with, your skin will glow and feel so much smoother for a good few days. It does have a high price tag but I swear it worth it.

GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment - This is definitely one of my favourite mask I always use this before a big event, it reduces pores and spots smooths out any bumps It makes such a difference to my skin and with its high end price I only use this on special occasion I will definitely be repurchasing.


  1. Great selection! I've got a few of these but especially love the Una Brennan one - however there seems to be talk of this being discontinued? It looks like it's been replaced by the salicylic pore purifying version. Wahhh!

    The Beauty Locker

  2. Great picks! I'm definitely going to pick up the GlamGlow mask and I have the Drink Up Intensive that I need to get round to using xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog