28 January 2015

Review - Personal Planner Blog Planner and GIVEAWAY

I've been searching for a planner that I can use for blogging and other things just to keep myself a bit more organised then usual for quite some time now but nothing seems to fit me, not that long ago I came across Rachel from lost in lipstick and saw her blog planner back in november time which she got to customise herself from the Personal planner website. So I decided to customise my own, the concept is so great and I love that fact that I can practically customise everything to fit me specifically.
Here it what my planner looks like 

The front cover photo is printed on a standard glossy paper so it is a bit flimsy but I mean I'm hardly going to be throwing it about so not too much of a problem for me. You choose whatever photo you want you can even log onto your Instagram to get photos too. I just went for this one with my hamsa charm as I liked it and I get bored easily of things and always like a change but I don't think I'll be as bored with this. It also allows you to choose the elastic closure colour so you have pretty much full control over what you want.
You basically customise everything you choose the colour, design and what theme each specific little box below will be, I went for the to do lists because you know I can never get enough of them. You can also choose if you want times on the side like I have or not. The size range varies from A5, wide, square and mini.

You also get a plastic wallet to place where ever you want which is handy if you have a few letters or stuff to go through the week you can place in here so you don't forget. I forgot to photo graph the little ruler that also comes with it which you also attach where ever you want. I absolutely love this since I've got it and seem a little more organised too, so if your obsessed with keeping elements of your life organised I say elements because lets face it we all need a bit of organised chaos in our lives every once in a while and if you love customisation then go head to personal planner and give this a go and I promise you will love it !
Now here is the giveaway so the guys over a Personal planner actually did a typo on my planer so they gave me a 10% code for a friend and I thought I would give it away to one of you guys remember to to enter and let me know any tips you have that keep you organised below. Head over to a Rafflecopter giveaway to enter.

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