9 February 2015

Blemishes Be Gone

I have been so spotty recently and with my cousins wedding around the corner my stress levels are increasing day by day. So I took out the products that I know I could rely on and gave my self a quick facial. I first cleansed just to get rid of any dirt Im currently using the B.clean melting gel cleanser, light and does the job without irritating my skin. Then I slather my face with the Una Brenan clay mask apparently this one is discontinued and there is a new one with salysclic acid I haven't tried it but I'm pretty sure its amazing as are all of Una Brenan's products. I then get a damp flannel and wipe off the mask. By now most of my spots have calmed down a bit but obviously still need more treatment. I then get a cotton pad and put some witch hazel gel and put it all over face this is really good for spots and any hair removal treatments like threading because it's really thin it won't sit on the skin so it can be layerd and its only £3. After I let that sink in for a few seconds I apply a thin layer of the origins drink up mask, I find that using so many products to tackle my spots dries out my skin so this bring some moisture back in. Finally I get my origins spot remover and layer it on any spots that stand out. This is nearly finished now so will be purchasing a new one I've been using it so much even my family loves this, it dries out my spot and reduced any redness I have. And there you have it, my spot busting products that I use to calm my skin when it's a bit crazy, but if any of you have any spot busting products that work in a instance I would love to know. I do have my eye on the Mario Badescu drying lotion so if any of you have any thoughts on it let me know.

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