18 February 2015

The AM Ritual

I start off with B.clean melting gel cleanser, I get a pea size amount and massage it in, then take it off with the usual warm flannel I find flannels easier to use its pretty much a staple
piece in my skincare.The cleanser is a creamy gel texture which is easy to massage. It's light so not to heavy for the morning and it does not tighten my skin after. I then go ahead a spritz the Balm Balm rose water toner, personally I believe toners are not something you need but it is nice if you do have one. I use balm one because it's 100% natural and organic and feels nice and refreshing for the morning. Once I let that sink in I then go ahead with a serum, I have been loving the Una Brenan vitamin c+ brightening glow boost serum this has a watery texture once you massage it in so a little bit goes a long way and it has a glow to it which immediately picks the skin up. I then go ahead with my moisturiser I've been using the Clinique dramatically different moisturiser, my last moisturiser was just to heavy for and would just sit on my skin whereas this my dry skin drinks up immediately making my skin much plumper and hydrated. Finally because my skin has been so dry lately I use one drop of the pai rose hip oil and gently pat it into my skin and et voila that is my current AM ritual.


  1. Toners are meant to re-balance the skin after cleansing and help your skin absorb the serum better - hopefully the one you have helps :-) xx

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    1. oh got it I don't really know if it does maybe I need to try a new one :/ xx