11 April 2015

Shopping My Stash

I recently was going through my stash trying to clear out my drawers and realised there so much makeup I use to love but I just stopped using as I try to rotate. While I was rummaging through, I found my Mac Sunbasque blush and Le blanc de Chanel.

The sunbasque blush is a peach tone blush with fine gold shimmer running through. I don't actually have a lot of peach tone blushes I normally go for pinks so was a bit surprised to find this in my stash. Infact this blush was one of my first blushes from Mac. It's like a blush bronzer and highlighter in one the warm reddy/peachy tone acts as bronzer to warm up the skin tone and the gold shimmer acts as a highlighter. It's not too pigmented so you don't need to worry about being too heavy handed with it.

Moving on to the Le blanc de Chanel I mean I don't even understand why I stopped using this, now this is not a primer it's meant to be used after a moisturiser primer etc but it does seem to make my makeup last longer as it sticks any makeup I apply on top if that makes sense.
If you want to tone down a foundation because it's too thick this will do a great job you can also use it as just a highlighter on the high points of your checks, really this is just a fantastic multi tasking product. One of the most important things I love about this is it doesn't have the silicone base feel and recently I've been breaking out all over my cheeks and silicone based products can cause blocked pores which causes spots, so this has definitely gave my skin a rest from the silicone based stuff. It also give the most beautiful finish I feel as if my skin feels and look amazing at £33 and all its multi tasking qualities I think it's definitely worth it. Don't you just love when you find such great products hiding away in your stash?

(Wearing the Le Blanc de Chanel and Mac Sunbasque blush)

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  1. Yes! I love it when I find something I had forgotten about. It's like getting a little present haha

    xx Tess Isabella Beauty