25 May 2015

Seven Deadly Sins Tags

I normally never do tags but I wanted to do something different so I thought I would do the seven deadly sins tag.

Greed: what's your most expensive beauty item?
My most expensive beauty item in my current makeup arsenal, is my Charlotte Tilbury film star bronze and glow at £49.

Wrath: what item do you have a love hate relationship with?
Right now I don't really happen to have a product that I have a love/hate relationship I normally just pass those stuff on to my sisters, but if I had to choose one from the top of my head I would choose the film star bronze and glow because even though I love the bronze, I'm still in limbo about the highlighter I love how it photographs don't know if I love for I normal day.

Gluttony: what brand takes up a lot of your collection?
Probably Mac as I have a lot of their lipsticks I mean you can't go wrong with a Mac lipstick right?

Sloth: what product do you neglect the most due to laziness?
Recently it's been blush normally I love blush but recently Ive just been slapping on some cc cream, concealer, mascara and bronzer and boom! I'm done and after all that I just forget to put on blush so its a step I seem to neglect.

Pride: what product gives you the most confidence?
Lipstick whether it's dark or a nude I just love it, I feel so confident after applying it love love love it.

Lust: what item is top of your beauty wish list?
Right now it's the Mac warm eyeshadow palette I'm trying to hint out to my family so they get it for my birthday this week finger crossed I love all the colours.

Envy: which makeup product/looks great on others but not on you ?
No eyeliner love people can wear just eyeshadow and mascara but I've notice it just doesn't suit me, my eyes are big so I feel like eyeliner completes the look.

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