11 August 2015

The Review- Tom Ford shade and illuminate

To me personally shading and contouring are two different techniques. Shading adds dimension to face and this can be used with a bronzer or a blush. Contouring is mimicking the natural shadows of the face for which you use grey or ashy tones
Please feel free to disagree this is just my own opinion.
As you can tell from the name shade and illuminate, it's more of a shading product this duo is a cream bronzer and highlighter. The bronzer is a warm orange tone, it's pretty flat so it does not reflect any light. It reminds me of the Tan de Chanel infact thats a pretty good dupe.
It is very emollient the most emollient product I own, but don't be scared by that I do believe because it's so emollient it works better on the skin and looks so natural.

The highlighter however is not your usual highlighter it's sheer and not shimmery yet reflective when the light shines. It barely shows up on the skin which I personally love as it looks so subtle. This is not your average contouring kit such as the Anastasia Beverly Hills so evidently it doesn't give the extreme contouring look, however it's subtle and it does show up on camera as you can see below (the photo doesn't do the highlighter any justice).

I personally love this especially for special occasions as it subtly gives a glow and adds dimension to face. I'm not going to go into the price because it is Tom Ford what do you honestly expect, if you are going to splurge and like something subtle that does the job then give this a go. If you already have the shade and illuminate let me know what you guys think ?

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