12 October 2015

Current Favourite - Youtube and Blogs

Since Im finally kind of getting back into blogging and trying to get some order in my life honestly my life has been so crazy lately that I haven't even had time to breath but since everything starting to fall in place I finally am hoping to start blogging more regularly. For todays post I thought I would share some love and let you guys know which blogs/youtubers Im loving lately.

First lets start with Jessica from Jessica Beautician she's is a beauty blogger and I've actually been loving Jess for quite some while now I religiously follow, its a blog that I keep going back to. I love her clear crisp photography, her writing flows and is very concise which I love in a blog. I also feel like she takes her time in putting together a blog posts. You can find Jess at www.Jessicabeautician.co.uk so go check her out and give her a follow.

Tamira is a beauty and fashion blogger from the states, her blog was previously called lipstick with some sunshine I actually came across her blog through instagram and since then I have been following if you love monochrome and have a modern minimalist approach to life I suggest you head over to her blog and check her out you will love her. She is over at www.TamiraJarrel.com she also has a youtube chanel so don't forget to check that out to.

Josie from Fashion Mumblr does a bit of everything beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel, I love the variety it just means its not the same type of content over and over again. I personally love her fashion posts I may not be a fashion blogger myself but I love anyone who has a sense of style who really knows how to piece an outfit effortlessly I feel like she does exactly so if you love some one with amazing style and a great variety of posts then check her out at www.fashionmublr.com.

Mandy from a girl obsessed is another fellow blogger from the states who does a fashion, beauty and lifestyle but what I love the most is her tips. They are great for motivating you if your not feeling up to it. She has tips on how to improve your blog, how to make your makeup last basically she covers all grounds. You can find her at www.agirlobessed.com.

Last but not least Alli, she is a you tuber from the states and I have been watching Alli's video for quite some time now, but recently I find myself watching her videos for hours I love her makeup tutorials and she is such a beauty she nearly hitting on 700,000 subscribers so go ahead and give her some love at www.youtube.com/user/MakeupByAlli.

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