9 November 2015

The Review - Zukreat Extreme Art Liner

If you don't know who Zukreat she is a makeup artist with her own YouTube Chanel and not that long ago she launched her own makeup line. I've seen a few reviews floating around and most people have only good things to say including Wayne Goss whom I love.
So honestly I didn't know what to get but my sister swears by her contour stick so I went that and the extreme art liner pen. This liner has ultra fine taklon brush tip which is so flexible its makes an amateur into pro. It also continually flows while creating your flick so no shake required which I love I mean I hate when I'm lining my eyes and I'm in this flow and then the brush just gets dry so annoying!. Its easier when using on clients your not dipping your brush in any tub or shaking the liner so it can flow better it just makes life so much easier.

It's waterproof however if you rub it off with your hands it will smudge ( I only do this when I forget I have eyeliner on) but other then that it won't budge at all. The colour if fairly black I do feel it could be a bit darker I don't know about you but I like my liner dark. Bottom line I absolutely love this product it does price at £18 but for what you get and the quality its amazing oh I forgot to mention it also has replacement ink cartridges so after you purchase this once you only need to pay £6 for a refill which is economical too. Zukreat seems to have thought of everything when it came to this product I mean all I've ever wanted was an eyeliner pen which gives me a great flick without all the annoyances surrounding it so kudos to her. Since I have brought this I have been using this on clients and myself every single time and I can't really thing of a major con that would make me again if I had to repurchase it so yeah I'm going to be repurchasing and using this for a long time.

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